Membrane architecture: the seventh established building material. Designing reliable and sustainable structures for the urban environment.
7-9 Jun 2023 Nantes (France)

Latest news June 16th 2023

Thank you to all the participants in the TENSINANTES2023 symposium for making this event so interesting, varied and enjoyable!

The definitive proceedings of the conference are now available on the website.

Symposium topics

The 3 main topics are:

  • STRUCTURAL MEMBRANEcontemporary, innovative, adaptive daring and impactful solutions

In Jules Verne's hometown, with its focus on innovation and futuristic issues, textile architecture can provide answers to current problems, especially for ever denser cities and for a world that is always on the move.(responsible Marijke Mollaert, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

  • TENSIONED MEMBRANE STRUCTURES: the seventh building material

Recent advances in the design of membrane structures, development of a Eurocode dedicated to structural membranes: the word membrane must now be part of the daily vocabulary of architects, designers and decision-makers, and the specificities of membrane design must be part of the knowledge of all structural engineers.((responsible Jean-Christophe Thomas, Nantes Université)

  • STRUCTURAL MEMBRANEan answer to issues of the 21st centurY

Lightweight design, well-being, environmental impact, energy and acoustic performance, life cycle of materials and structures, end of life of membrane structures: these keywords are part of the current and future construction challenges and are an important message for the younger generations.(responsible Carol Monticelli, Politechnico di Milano)


Keynote speakers

Bruce Danziger  Carol Monticelli  Louis Ratajczak  Grégoire Zündel  Ramon Sastre   Rosemarie Wagner  Karsten Moritz  JCT



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                         MEH1                  SIOEN1                  DLB1            Redaelli



                                            AGC          Asma germe           Cairngonflable        CSMA


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Welcome to Nantes


Key milestones:

Paper acceptance or feedback:  March  06th, 2023

Revised paper submission: March 20th 2023

The contributions will be made freely available on the TensiNet website


Attendance fees

Registration is now open!

Standard participant: 600 € 

Member of TensiNet: 500 €

Student: 300 €



We need to book one week in advance - any registrations received after 30 May will not automatically give a place at the gala dinner at the Machines de l'ile.

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